3-6 Month Transformation
1:1 Private 60 min sessions

Embark on a transformative journey with Ana as you delve deep into mindset mastery, healing from within, self-discovery like you've never done before, effective time management, goal-setting, nurturing passions, attracting the right partner, and leveling up the 8 core pillars of your life.

Together, you unlock the keys to thriving in love and relationship in every area of your life.

1:1 Private Session
3 Hours
"Revitalize your parenting journey with my personal growth coaching designed for "fed-up" parents. Explore the realms of mindset mastery, healing, self-awareness, understanding both yourself and your child on much deeper levels, addressing personal needs, setting meaningful goals, dismantling limiting beliefs, and establishing firm yet nurturing boundaries. Rediscover joy and harmony in your family life as you grow personally and deepen your connection with your child."

Fed-up parent
Single session 

Discover & Recover Relationship to self journey

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Couples coaching 

1:1 Private 60-min Sessions

Take off on a transformative journey with Ana's personal growth coaching tailored for young adults just stepping into this wild world.
Delve into the 8 core aspects of life including; mindset development, healing, profound self-discovery, understanding personal needs, goal-setting, overcoming limiting beliefs, establishing boundaries, defining values, mastering time management, fostering healthy relationships, nurturing passions, discovering purpose, and cultivating a positive money mindset.

Empower yourself to navigate life's challenges and embrace a fulfilling and purpose-driven future.

Young adult success series

1:1 Private 60-min Sessions

Elevate your relationship with our couples coaching as you identify how you show up in relationships, and delve into the foundations of mindset, healing, self-discovery, understanding personal needs, addressing limiting beliefs, and establishing healthy boundaries.

Navigate the path to a stronger, more fulfilling connection as you both grow individually and as a united force.

a 3-hr Power-packed Workshop

"With Ana as my Coach, I've discovered traits in my personality that had become hardwired in me and I'm now more accepting of myself and others.

I've realized that a core desire of mine: being "wanted and loved", has motivated my decision making. Through Ana's coaching, I am able to acknowledge and change patterns of behavior that have not been serving me.

I've learned by the power of the Gospel that I can choose to daily relinquish fear and cling to the Word of God.

"Anna brought it to life for me."

Ana has given me new tools for personal growth through the Enneagram framework, which are changing the way I relate to those around me.

By helping me to step back, observe, and understand my tendencies and motivations more clearly, I am daily learning to have healthier relationships with my spouse, our children, friends, and community.

-Hannah O'Connor

I am so grateful for the Enneagram discovery and "Coach Ana" who brought it to life for me".


Ana came into my life at a time when I was going through an identity crisis and didn't really know who I was or how to understand myself. I didn't know what my purpose was and she came and restored that for me.

She gave me tools to not only understand myself, but to understand my family as well. We had an online journal that we worked through and she always held me accountable. That was a big big thing for me.

I won't lie, at the beginning I didn't understand what coaching meant, what was gonna happen, and what it consisted of but because Ana is so personable, in the end, I gained not only self-discovery and incredible confidence, I also now have a best friend. 

-Shyevena Williams

"Ana restored my identity & confidence"

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"

Growth & transformation rarely come easy, but if you are willing to do the work, it will not only impact your life and your relationships, but also your legacy.

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